Loyalty Discount Program

Replacement Filter discount

Anybody who owns an Electronic Indicator device manufactured by us can now use the serial number of the device to redeem a 10% discount for any type of replacement filter that you order online.

Simply provide the serial number on the basket page and any eligible product added to your basket will automatically have the discount applied.

Terms and Conditions

The Serial Number of an Electronic Indicator device can be redeemed annually. The discount is only valid for replacement filters and each serial number will only apply discount to one replacement filter.


View my serial number

The Serial Number for Electronic Indicator Devices can be obtained from the Configuration Utility which can be downloaded here

To view the serial number of the device , make sure you have the configuration utility installed, and connect the device to your computer with a Micro USB cable. In the Main Menu of the utility choose 'Device' -> 'Device Information..' The Serial Number will be displayed there.